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Anthony Daniels reprises C-3PO for Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge VR game

Anthony Daniels reprises C-3PO for Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge VR game

Has C-3PO ever been voiced by anyone other than Anthony Daniels? I suppose I can do my own research and answer that question myself; turns out that other actors have voiced the fussy protocol droid, such as Tom Kane and Simon Pegg, but those occasions have been few and far between. Well, Daniels is slated to reprise the role of C-3PO yet again for Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge, an upcoming virtual reality experience from ILMxLAB. You can check out the teaser above.

Coming this holiday season to Oculus Quest, Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge will find you playing as a droid repair technician who crash lands on Batuu after a pirate attack where you’ll get swept up into a grand adventure on the outskirts of Black Spire Outpost. You’ll converse with Seezelslak (Bobby Moynihan) in his cantina and be transported to other places and times in the Star Wars galaxy through his legendary tales. Or, you can receive important missions to complete in the wilds of Batuu, encountering new and iconic characters along the way, like the pirate Tara Rashin (Debra Wilson). In a statement, Anthony Daniels said:

Along with the joy of working with the super-talented team at ILMxLAB, I am so thrilled to bring C-3PO to life again in this fascinating dimension. I love it that fans will actually be able to be a part of his perilous adventures, standing beside him, on the distant planet of Batuu. It may be virtual reality, but believe me, reality will quickly take over as players personally interact with C-3PO right in the middle of the action. I hope fans will be as amazed as I am.

While speaking with StarWars.com, Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge director Jose Perez III revealed how you’ll be interacting with C-3PO. “Without giving away too much, you are working on a ship that is ‘transporting’ Threepio to Batuu when shenanigans ensue,” said Perez. “The ship crashes and Threepio is really broken up about it. So it’s up to you to help him pull himself together and accomplish his top secret mission for the Resistance. That’s all I’ll say!” In addition to C-3PO, Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge will also feature an appearance from Jedi Master Yoda. Excited, I am.

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