Andrew Lincoln Had a Great Part in Creepshow Season 2 Until COVID Hit



On The Walking Dead, the hit AMC horror show about zombies (y’know, dead people that walk), star Andrew Lincoln and producer/director/special effects maestro Greg Nicotero struck up a fruitful working relationship. So much so that they were this close to reuniting on another hit horror TV show, until another debilitating global pandemic hit us all (would I pick zombies over coronavirus? At least we know how to kill it).

In an interview with our own Steve Weintraub to promote the upcoming Penguin Bloom (alongside his co-star Naomi Watts), Lincoln admitted that he had “a great part” in the upcoming second season of Creepshow, the Shudder horror anthology inspired by the classic films from the ’80s, that Nicotero was going to direct. The reason we found this out? Because our very own Steve Weintraub showed Lincoln the receipts, having just spoken with Nicotero, who spilled the beans.


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Lincoln, faced with the unblinking truth of a text message, sheepishly smiled and said, “That’s true. It’s really, really true. He did have a great one. And I was thinking about getting on the plane as well, ’cause he’s shooting in Atlanta.” Now, for Mr. Lincoln’s health, I am, of course, beyond thrilled that he did not get on that plane, choosing safety and proper quarantining protocol over a guest shot on a TV show. But as a horror fan, let me mourn the return of two titans on such a fun series in peace! Who would Lincoln have played? Can we for sure get him in season 3?

Check out the moment of Lincoln’s Creepshow admission right here, and be sure to look out for our full interview with Lincoln and Watts soon. For more Walking Dead trips down memory lane, here’s our interview with Tyler James Williams.

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