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Morena Baccarin reveals how she felt about reduced screen time in Deadpool 2

Morena Baccarin reveals how she felt about reduced screen time in Deadpool 2



The first DEADPOOL was amazing for many reasons but probably the most surprising was the infectious chemistry between Wade Wilson aka Deadpool, played by Ryan Reynolds, and his love interest Vanessa, played by Morena Baccarin. This is likely why some fans were disappointed that DEADPOOL 2 began with the death of Baccarin’s character which resulted in reduced screentime for the actress. In a discussion with “ComicBook.com“, Baccarin reveals being disappointed but also thinks the entire plot of the film hinged on her character.

“I can understand that people felt that way and I certainly was disappointed that I didn’t have more to do, because I just loved the part so much. But in watching the film and reading the script, it felt like such an emotionally pivotal role in the film and the entire arc of his character in the film is set into motion because of what happens to my character, that it felt that I was very involved in the movie even though I didn’t have a lot of scenes.”

DEADPOOL 2 begins with Wade and Vanessa getting ready to welcome their first child into the world when suddenly one of Deadpool’s enemies attacks their home, killing Vanessa in the process. The rest of the film finds Wade trying to deal with her death, first by repeatedly trying to kill himself, and later by honoring her memory by saving Russell from Cable. Baccarin isn’t wrong that her character’s death is what drives most of his motivations in the sequel but apparently there was another plan for her before there was a switch in directors on the film.

Tim Miller, who directed the first DEADPOOL, revealed that his plan had been to imbue Vanessa with superpowers for the sequel to turn her into the anti-hero Copycat from Marvel Comics. Miller eventually left the sequel and was replaced by David Leitch. This resulted in the storyline being changed to focus on Deadpool and Cable instead. 

Even though Vanessa did see less time on screen, she was brought back from the dead by the end of the film due to some complicated time-traveling manipulations. This could mean that the character can have a more prominent role in a third DEADPOOL movie but even though Baccarin would love to return for another installment, she has no news on a third film or if she would even be involved.

“I have no idea. Apparently, they’re still writing it. I genuinely don’t know. I have not been asked, or approached. There’s been no conversations yet, so I’m waiting with bated breath. [Ryan Reynolds] will always be the lead. I would love to be right by his side. [Shooting the Tim Miller-directed first movie was] one of the best times of my life. It was so fun to be on that set, and it was creative, and fulfilling, and enjoyable all around. [Reynolds] is the best person to work with, and so sweet, and so damn funny it hurts.”

Disney now has the rights to DEADPOOL so that means he’s officially a part of the MCU. There has been no word on where DEADPOOL 3 fits in their grand plan but I wouldn’t mind seeing Maccarin coming back in some capacity because she was a lot of fun in the first film and had great chemistry with Ryan Reynolds.

Would YOU want to see Morena Baccarin return as Vanessa? 

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