IRONFACE Kickstarter Reveals Comic Plans and Animated Teaser Trailer



I am beyond thrilled to introduce you to your newest nightmare: IRONFACE.

Why? Because I’m not just a fan of Dan Paul‘s brutal, metal-masked killer who’s part Jason Voorhees, part Terminator, I also happen to be the campaign manager for the current Kickstarter run. This campaign, which is nearly 90% complete as of this writing — after less than one day! — aims to bring the origin story of IRONFACE to life in a professionally produced comic book. But let me take you back to the beginning of the nightmare…

Like lots of kids tend to do, Dan Paul wrote a bunch of scary stories between the ages of 9 and 11. Those stories were steeped in 80s pop culture, brutally violent, darkly comic, and totally innocent, as told through the mind and imagination of a child. Perhaps unlike most kids, however, his mom saved and preserved all of those stories for thirty-some years. Recently, Dan, better known by his handle of @SourKoolaidShow, unearthed those stories to share them with his Twitch community. And that’s where the cult following of IRONFACE was born.


Image via Saturday Mourning Cartoons, LLC

The grisly and gruesome adventures of the Great Murderer have been read and performed by the likes of Andrew W.K., @MANvsGAME, and @Ezekiel_III to name a few, and enjoyed by thousands around the world. He’s battled street punks, Army soldiers, local cops (and police chefs [sic]) in the town [sic] of New Jersey, the Air Force, NASA astronauts, and draconic kings of old. But in the Kickstarter’d comic “IRONFACE: He’s Back”, we’ll see his horrific origin story unfold in all its gory glory.

That comic, brought to life by brilliant artist Ian Chase Nichols, is just the beginning. Thanks to the incredible community, we’re already at 90% funding in less than a day. That’s insane. But we have big aspirations for IRONFACE. We want to animate the bloody adventures of this masked menace, and we’re well on our way to doing so. I’m also an executive producer on the very first animated IRONFACE teaser, a collaborative effort between my animation podcast’s related LLC (Saturday Mourning Cartoons, which you can hear every week on this very website) and the talented folks at Angry Metal Studios. It’s just a tantalizing taste of what’s possible in the I.C.U. (IRONFACE Cinematic Universe), and I hope you enjoy it!

Take a look at the brutal, thumping, NSFW teaser trailer for IRONFACE: The Animated Series below, followed by our epic Kickstarter campaign poster from the iconic Torren Thomas; you can get your own copy — and much more — at the Kickstarter:

Created by Dan Paul (@Sour Koolaid Show) and steeped in 80s pop culture, IRONFACE is part Jason Voorhees, part Terminator, and all NIGHTMARE!


Animated by Angry Metal Studios:

Directed by Luis Junquera & Enol Junquera

Animators: Juanma Laguna & Marcos Bango

Background artist: Sergio Abalo


Teaser Music by Bruno Suárez and Luis Formoso; Recorded & Mixed at O13 Studios

Sound Design by Marcos Cabal at Flexiva Sound


Featuring: Bobby A Billingsley as the Voice of Ironface


Credits Feature “IronFace” Single from Dead Animal Assembly Plant:…


Special Thanks: @SourKoolaidMom, @Ezekiel_III, Adi Shankar, @peachy_keene, Kooligans, BerZEKErs


© 2020 A Saturday Mourning Cartoons, LLC Production


Image via Torren Thomas

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