PS5 Teardown Video Is Oddly Soothing and Our New ASMR Fix


Your first look at PS5’s internal components* that will power the next generation of amazing games.


*Do not try this at home. Risk of exposure to laser radiation, electric shock, or other injury. Disassembling your PS5 console will invalidate your manufacturer’s guarantee.

Apparently there are so many PS5s out there that Sony is totally cool with dismantling one and displaying its guts like a proud baby technovore after its first kill. (Sony absolutely warns you not to do this teardown yourself due to the very real risk of various injuries you will sustain and the 100% chance that you’ll void your warantee.) That comes as shocking news to those of us who are still trying to lock down a console for pre-order, which probably won’t happen until release date — November 12th — or later. However, the chance to peek inside the PS5 is an irresistible one.

The seven-minute video featuring the console’s chief mechanical designer Yasuhiro Ootori assuredly and competently dismantling a PS5 is oddly soothing and more than an little ASMR-y for those of you out there who are into such things. But there’s a lot more to enjoy in this video, too. For folks who are worried about the repair or customization options of the PS5, you’ll be happy to see how relatively easily the side panels pop and slide off, and how accessible the internal components are.


Image via Sony

For the tech inclined, boy oh boy there’s a lot to see here. There are M.2 storage expansions with PCIe 4.0 support built in, though these will be require a little more intensive care to swap out. There are two dust-catchers that owners can vacuum out from external ports rather than cracking the case open and going at it with compressed air. And since cooling and noise has been an issue with the past couple of PlayStation consoles, Sony has gone with a big ol’ cooling fan, a massive heatsink (which takes up the bulk of the interior here), and a proprietary liquid-metal cooling component. Pretty nifty looking, and anecdotal evidence points to the PS5 running cool and quiet under stress for quite some time.

There’s plenty more to enjoy in the video, but we’ll have to see how all those various components play together when the PS5 arrives (for some) next month.


Image via Sony


Image via Sony

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