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Spooky Season is here with Kish Kollectiv • Blazing Minds

Spooky Season is here with Kish Kollectiv • Blazing Minds

Spooky Season is here with Kish Kollectiv

As we enter THE Halloween Season, master of Horror Kish Kollektiv gives us a Thriller …   

57 minutes of music and visual effects that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

As the Halloween season looms again, purveyor of retro faux horror synth scores, Kish Kollektiv returns with a new music video. This is an audiovisual journey through a selection of macabre lo-fi images and clips set to an epic-length musical backdrop that could have escaped from a low budget horror flick from the early 1980s.

From KK: “Last summer I took the compositions from our 2019 release “Dwellers in the Earth” and merged them into a single continuous “suite” that would provide an aural journey through all of the main themes. In some cases I employed unused alternate takes and arrangements and even whole elements I couldn’t find a place for in the original pieces. There was nothing new recorded, it was all stuff from the original sessions re-fashioned into something slightly different. Then I spent several weeks assembling the visual accompaniment from a wide variety of sources, using both still and moving images to hint at a broad narrative progression of sorts, interspersed with more impressionistic  and abstract passages.

“Dwellers in the Earth” was Kish Kollektiv’s second full-length release, an imagined soundtrack born out of a simple “what if”; if the late Karl Edward Wagner’s infamous short story “Sticks” (1974) had been loosely adapted into a UK horror film (in the style of late period Hammer and Amicus) in 1982, what might its low budget synth score have sounded like?

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Spooky Season is here with Kish Kollectiv

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