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Ridley Scott’s Legend (1985) w/Tom Cruise

Ridley Scott’s Legend (1985) w/Tom Cruise

Fantasy movies in the ’80s were all the rage. Why did that particular decade see the release of so many beloved sword and sorcery epics? Maybe it was the fact that, for the first time, special effects were able to do justice to these stories in a real way, while VHS also meant that the movies would be watched over and over again by kids eager to escape into a world of magic and adventure.

So join us here at JoBlo as we launch an all-new series, “Fantasizing About Fantasy Films” devoted to some of the classics of the genre. EXCALIBUR, CONAN THE BARBARIAN, THE BEASTMASTER, we’re gonna do them all, but for our first episode, we’re digging into the troubled, but underrated, LEGEND, directed by Ridley Scott, and starring a very young Tom Cruise, Mia Sara, and Tim Curry!

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