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A.I. (Adam Singer) and his friends, Kadabra Couture (Dalena Nguyen), Ammorama (Aeon Cruz) and Squatch (Greg Farinelli) are all enthusiastic cosplayers and comic book fans. A.I. writes a comic book series himself, Monster Force Zero and like most people who cosplay, they secretly dream of having the powers that the characters they dress up as possess.

Then while at a local comic-con they meet The Janitor (Pat Tanaka) who introduces them to his alien friends who imbue the powers onto them that they always wanted. However, they also have The Destroyers of Destruction (a rival cosplay team) to contend with led by Gunns Lazer (Heath C. Heine) and they had better learn to use their powers fast because they may be the Earth’s only hope.

Monster Force Zero is a crowdfunded movie which at first glance has an interesting set up. A group of cosplayers get to live their dreams by becoming the heroes they portray is a good hook and has worked for many cartoon and live action shows of the 80’s/90’s, however, the problem is with everything else from the script and special effects to the acting.

The idea may have been there, but there just isn’t enough for anybody to enjoy, even if they didn’t mind the bare bones of the plot and total lack of characterisation.

What could have been a lovingly written parody of the lives of comic book fan and cosplayers instead feels like a cynical attempt at throwing what they could at the screen with enough cameos and bright, flashing lights to distract its audience from the quality.

Even an unexpected and out of place cameo from Garret Wang (Star Trek: Voyager) can’t lift the movie out into a place of ‘so bad it’s good’. It just seems that the movie was thrown together with little thought and whoever they could grab at the time to be in the movie.

Monster Force Zero’s premise, unashamedly bright and sparkly special effects plus a finale which may as well have come out of the mind of a ten-year-old may very well speak to the child in all of us. However, with so much else on offer along the same lines, it may be a better use of your time to watch something else.

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