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Cinematic Rock from the land of the Kiwi’s DateMonthYear • Blazing Minds

Cinematic Rock from the land of the Kiwi’s DateMonthYear • Blazing Minds

Cinematic Indie Rock, the stand-alone genre of  New Zealand based band DateMonthYear, the music takes you through an instrumental lyrical adventure leaving you with the feeling you have just sat through some of the most intense music to any blockbuster movie.  A throwback of sorts to the old-time radio dramas of the ’20s-’50s where sound effects took your mind to place it had never been but with an intense rock music infusion that culminates in Visual Music. 

An extensive catalogue of music spanning through the years each song is a movie experience in the mind with many tracks being licensed to films, TV and Video Games.   Their latest song: The Exodus Suite Part 1  is the first of a collection of five Soundscapes/ Ambient music with attendant video interpretations, which is being released one per month. The music has been written and produced by DateMonthYear founder and mainstay Trevor Faville, mixed in America by Martin Porter, and mastered back in Hamilton by Andi Verse.

Faville explains: “the Exodus Suite evolved from leftover audio front the song Exodus from our last full album. Out of that audio I put together five pieces of Soundscape/Ambient/ Electronic music.”  To make things more interesting, four of the five pieces have been given to local filmmakers with a brief to create a visual interpretation for each, Faville gave each director almost complete creative freedom- “the idea is to introduce an element of surprise and uncertainty- when the videos go live, the audience will be seeing them for the first time as well as me”

 The first installment is called ‘Wind’ and is directed by Matty Thomas Taylor. It is live on the DateMonthYear YouTube channel from October 1st. The following videos will be going live on the first of each subsequent month. All five tracks will be available from February 2021 as a download from the DateMonthYear Bandcamp page- but will be available for streaming at the same time they are released on video. 

 DateMonthYear continues to be a proudly independent music-making institution, and ‘The Exodus Suite’ is exactly the kind of creative project that DateMonthYear was intended to produce. The music is influenced by Horror/Sci-Fi soundtracks, Musique Concrete, and is challenging and-hopefully! – disturbing listen.

Check out all their songs 

DateMonthYear is not just a band it’s a way of making music in the world. DateMonthYear began, and remains, in Hamilton, New Zealand, tend to make music that combines pop melodies, rock dynamics and movie atmospheres.

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Cinematic Rock from the land of the Kiwi's  DateMonthYear

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