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Darkwing Duck Reboot in the Works at Disney+

Darkwing Duck Reboot in the Works at Disney+

Hell yes, Disney+ really just looked at its vast catalog of IP ripe for the rebootin’ and said “let’s get dangerous.” Variety reports that a Darkwing Duck reboot is in the works at the streaming service, from executive producers Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, along with the Point Grey partners James Weaver and Alex McAtee. No writer is currently attached to the project, which is in early stages of development.


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In case you’re not in the age range that has several formative episodes of Doug stuck in their brains, Darkwing Duck originally debuted in 1991 as a spinoff from DuckTales. Basically answering the question “what if Batman was terrible at his job and also a gigantic duck”, the series followed the adventures of mild-mannered Drake Mallard (Jim Cummings), who spent his nights fighting crime as the titular costumed hero. Joining the ego-centric do-gooder were his sidekick, Launchpad McQuack (Terence McGovern), and adopted daughter, Gosalyn Waddlemeyer-Mallard (Christine Baranski).

The original run of Darkwing Duck already exists on Disney+, minus the controversial episode “Hot Spells”, in which Darkwing Duck opens the gate of Hell. (#ReleaseHotSpells) The streamer also recently rebooted DuckTales, portraying Darkwing Duck as a fictional character in an old TV serial. Should this new take on the duckbilled vigilante go to series, it would join a whole host of reboots and reimaginings making their way to Disney+, including a revisit of Doogie Howser, MD, a Mighty Ducks series, and a new show based on fantasy classic, Willow.

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