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Noah Hawley on Fargo Season 4, Legion, Star Trek, and Alien TV Series

Noah Hawley on Fargo Season 4, Legion, Star Trek, and Alien TV Series


Admit it. When you first heard Noah Hawley was going to make a Fargo TV series you thought it was a terrible idea. After all, when he got the greenlight to make it at FX back in 2014, he had only done a small amount of television, and he had no track record that showed he would be successful trying at bringing the Coen brothers mentality to the small screen.

But with Fargo Season four now airing on FX Sunday nights and the series continuing to get fantastic reviews, I think we can all admit we were wrong. Hawley has done an amazing job with the anthology series and I’m going to be very sad when he finally decides to wrap it up.


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Shortly before Fargo Season four started to air, I landed an extended video interview with Hawley. During the wide-ranging conversation, he broke down how Fargo is typically made, what it was like making Year Four, how COVID impacted the production, why the series went from ten to eleven episodes, the way they put together the storyline and scripts, casting, and so much more. If you’re a fan of Fargo and curious how it’s made, you’ll learn a lot.

In addition, as a huge fan of Hawley’s other FX series, Legion, we spent a decent amount of time talking about the making of that show, the unique visual style and how they pulled it off on a weekly schedule, and the series finale,

Finally, Hawley also talked about what happened to his Alien TV series idea at FX, if he thinks a Star Trek film can happen with how many Trek series are currently on TV, the status of Cat’s Cradle, what TV series he’d love to guest write and direct, what he wants to do next, how the TV business and the movie business are switching seats, and more.

Check out the interview below and, as usual, I’ve listed out exactly what we talked about so you can watch the parts that interest you if you don’t have the time for the full conversation.


Image via FX

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