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Laz Alonso on Wrath of Man, Guy Ritchie, and The Boys Season 3

Laz Alonso on Wrath of Man, Guy Ritchie, and The Boys Season 3

The Mother’s Milk actor says the third season of ‘The Boys’ is literally three times bloodier than Season 2.

With Guy Ritchie’s Wrath of Man opening in theaters this weekend, I recently spoke to Laz Alonso about making the action-thriller. Based on the 2004 French action-thriller Le Convoyeur, Wrath of Man follows a security guard named H (Jason Statham) who has an ulterior motive when he takes a job working for an armored truck company responsible for moving hundreds of millions of dollars around Los Angeles each week. Unlike the previous Ritchie and Statham films which had funny moments and quirky characters, Wrath of Man has a more serious tone that will keep you guessing all the way through. The film was written by Ritchie, Ivan Atkinson, and Marn Davies and also stars Josh Hartnett, Scott Eastwood, Holt McCallany, Jeffrey Donovan, Raul Castillo, Niamh Algar, and Post Malone.

During the interview, Alonso talked about how Wrath of Man breaks with the typical narrative structure, the fantastic supporting cast, why Ritchie is such a unique filmmaker with the way he works on set, and more. In addition, we talked about The Boys Season 3 and how they’re using a lot more blood than the previous seasons. He also teased how Solider Boy (played by Jensen Ackles) has allowed creator/showrunner Eric Kripke “to not only bring in a character historically who’s pretty dark, but it also makes all of the other ensemble Supes darker as well.”

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Check out what he had to say in the player above and below is exactly what we talked about and the official synopsis.

Laz Alonso:

  • What TV series would he like to guest star on?
  • What movie or movies has he seen the most?
  • When did he feel like he made it as an actor and could pay rent doing the job?
  • What does he wish someone had told him earlier in his career?
  • What was his reaction to the Wrath of Man script?
  • Why he didn’t participate in Ritchie’s black box rehearsal before filming began.
  • Talks about the great supporting cast.
  • What was his reaction to the finished film?
  • Where are they in the filming process for The Boys Season 3?
  • How much blood is being used this season?
  • How has COVID changed the way they work on set?
  • How much does Eric Kripke tell him about the arc of the season and his character’s journey or does he find out script by script?

Here’s the official synopsis for Wrath of Man:

A mysterious and wild-eyed new cash truck security guard (Jason Statham) surprises his coworkers during a heist in which he unexpectedly unleashes precision skills. The crew is left wondering who he is and where he came from. Soon, the marksman’s ultimate motive becomes clear as he takes dramatic and irrevocable steps to settle a score.


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