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LAIKA Mother’s Day Video Revisits Coraline, ParaNorman Characters

While it’s usually a long wait between films from LAIKA Studios, which specializes in beautiful and uniquely told stop-motion animated movies, that doesn’t mean we can’t get new content in the interim. The folks at the studio behind Missing Link have put together a touching little video just in time for Mother’s Day that brings back characters from Coraline, ParaNorman, and Kubo and the Two Strings, reflecting a unique embrace between mother and child from each film.

“What makes LAIKA’s films so wonderfully unique are the different worlds and characters that inhabit them,” said Creative Marketing Lead and the originator of this idea Tim Garbutt in a statement. Garbutt continued by explaining that this Mother’s Day video is another way for LAIKA to engage with its fans:

“Engaging our fans and continuing to allow opportunities for our characters to speak to our audiences beyond the films is something our studio is very conscious of doing – especially on social media. Although sometimes it can be a challenge to combine or unite characters and worlds that are stylistically so distinct – there are a few strong thematic elements that run through many of LAIKA’s films – a big one being strong family dynamics.”

You’ll notice in the video that each interaction is a little different, and Garbutt says that’s no accident:

“Each of the hero (kids) characters of our films come with their own quirks and personalities. The relationships they have with their own moms in these movies are in part a reflection of who they are or can be the catalyst for the quests they embark on in our stories. The moms in our films represent a myriad of real, relatable, and magical characters – which when wrapped into fantastical narratives, create some unforgettable film moments and relationships.”

LAIKA Behind-the-Scenes

Image via LAIKA

Ultimately, this video is a tribute to mothers the world over, said Garbutt:

“This piece is a tribute to all moms and the love we share for them. Showcasing a few of our title characters sharing a small glimpse of affection as only each kid’s personality will allow – felt like a wonderful chance to look back and celebrate our characters. Affection can come in many ways – the kids and moms of our films are a testament to the different ways we can express that. Sometimes a warm embrace, an arm on your shoulder, or an awkward side hug can go a long way in showcasing how much we love and appreciate the moms in our lives.”

You can watch the full video below as well as a behind-the-scenes look at how it was made, but beyond that we’ve been provided with some enlightening comments from the animators behind each piece. Pay close attention and you’ll see that the style of animation for each embrace is different, as it reflects the different relationships between the characters in these three distinct films. Indeed, something I love about LAIKA is each film feels distinct – the worlds of The Boxtrolls and Kubo and the Two Strings couldn’t be more different – but there’s a heavy focus on character and story that carries through each movie that is distinctly LAIKA-esque. Which is why it’s so exciting that the studio is about to dip its toe into live-action for the first time.

Phil Dale is the animator behind Coraline and Mom, and he explained how he wanted to go back to LAIKA’s roots in terms of animation technique for this particular scene:

“After 15 years it was fun to be animating these characters once again. Working with the more delicate, older puppets can be challenging at times as the materials they are made from age, but they performed wonderfully! The animation style at the studio has advanced so much over the years, and on recent films we have used live action reference video to help guide our animated performances. We didn’t do that back when we made Coraline. So to honor the style of the film I wanted to return to that approach for animating Coraline, her Mother, and Other Mother for the Mother’s Day piece.”

When it comes to Norman and Sandra from ParaNorman, animator Dan Alderson wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to condense an entire relationship into one moment:

“It was a great opportunity to try to condense Norman and his mum’s relationship into such a short moment. Sandra has a mother’s unconditional love for Norman, and he returns it, albeit with a hint of the awkwardness that made him such a relatable character in the movie. I blocked the shot out a few times before animating it to get the sentiment just right. It was fun to return to these characters after so many years away from them. Norman is a great puppet and a joy to animate, the key is in his simplicity and size, meaning you can handle him without fighting with complicated costume or hair. Sandra is trickier with long animatable hair but even after so many years the knack for animating it successfully was still there.”

The Kubo scene, meanwhile, embraces the simplicity of a hug as animator Rachelle Lambden explained:

“The love Kubo and his mother share in essence would be their embrace, where he sinks into the security of his mother’s calm, loving arms. A hug, which is a simple memory and one we are all craving to share with our loved ones at this time.”

You can clearly see the passion and artistry in this video, and I can’t wait until a new LAIKA feature film is upon us. Until then, this should hold us over.

Full credits for this LAIKA Mother’s Day piece are below.


Image via LAIKA

Animators: Rachelle Lambden, Dan Alderson, Phil Dale

Animation Supervisor: Brad Schiff

Animation Coordinator: Matt Thill

Director of Photography: John Ashlee

Camera Assistant : Laura Jung

MOCO: Steve Switaj

Gaffer: Ted Jackson, Tyson Carpenter, Bryan Garver

Animation Rigger: Alan Hinton

RP Face Librarian: Joe Reaves & Matt Ellsworth

Puppet maintenance: Sid Tucker

Assistant Director: Dan Pascall


  • Steve Emerson – VFX Supervisor
  • Dan Brimer – – Head of VFX Production
  • Michael Cordova – Compositing Supervisor
  • Timur Khodzhaev – Compositing Lead
  • James Pina – Paint Lead
  • Todd Gilchrist – VFX Editor
  • Jesselee Kahaloa – Asst. Production Manager

Creative Marketing Assistant: Isi Matasavage

Background Art: Brice Shultz

Asst. Creative Director: Yoshie Kurkowski

Creative Director: Tim Garbutt

CMO: Dave Burke

Behind-the-Scenes content:

Videographer / Editor: Steven Wong Jr.

Multimedia Assistant: Spencer Rutledge

The Future of ‘Star Wars’ Is Bleak

For a studio as risk averse as Disney, ‘The Rise of Skywalker’ and ‘The Mandalorian’ show a path forward based on nostalgia rather than bold storytelling.

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The Amusement Park Trailer Brings George A. Romero’s Lost Classic to Shudder This Summer

Shudder has released the official trailer for The Amusement Park, a long-lost movie directed by late horror legend George A. Romero. While most fans typically know Romero best for Night of the Living Dead and his subsequent zombie movies, not everyone is aware of The Amusement Park, which was made in the early 70s but withheld from a wide release until recently. You can watch the trailer below.

The little-seen movie will headline Shudder’s Summer of Chills a line-up of new premieres hitting the horror streaming service every week. Some of the other titles on the way include Caveat, an eerie, slow-building, cat-and-mouse thriller; The Boy Behind the Door, from Justin Powell and David Charbonier making their directorial debut; and the SXSW favorite Jakob’s Wife, starring horror icon Barbara Crampton as a housewife turned hungry vampire.

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“Shudder’s ‘Summer of Chills’ offers something for everyone with a fantastic line-up of new premieres every week, on top of the best library of curated streaming horror films anywhere,” said Shudder General Manager Craig Engler in a statement. “We’re especially excited to have the premiere of legendary director George A. Romero’s lost film The Amusement Park, a must-see piece of cinema history, exclusively on Shudder.”

The synopsis for The Amusement Park reads: “Recently discovered and restored 46 years after its completion by the George A. Romero Foundation and produced by Suzanne Desrocher-Romero,The Amusement Park stars Martin’s Lincoln Maazel as an elderly man who finds himself disoriented and increasingly isolated as the pains, tragedies and humiliations of aging in America are manifested through roller coasters and chaotic crowds.

Commissioned by the Lutheran Society, the film is perhaps Romero’s wildest and most imaginative movie, an allegory about the nightmarish realities of growing older, and is an alluring snapshot of the filmmaker’s early artistic capacity and style and would go on to inform his ensuing filmography. The ‘lost’ film was restored in 4k by IndieCollect in New York City.”

Previously, Romero’s wife Suzanne Desrocher-Romero said of the movie in a statement: “The first and only work-for-hire in Romero’s career sheds a new perspective on an ongoing issue of ageism and Romero’s uncanny sense of reflection on society, and the Romero ‘footprint’ is ever-present and bodes well for the future of his impact on American cinema. We are thankful to Yellow Veil Pictures who helped forge a path for us to find the most perfect custodian for this piece. Shudder understands that this film adds an important element to the Romero oeuvre. We are grateful.”

Suzanne added: “A lot of people are like, ‘Oh, my God, I can’t wait to see it.’ And I go, ‘It’s not a zombie movie now, remember.’ And what’s also terrific is that you see his footprint. You see how he shoots and the story. It’s a unique find. I’m so happy I have it.”

The Amusement Park will begin streaming on Tuesday, June 8, exclusively on Shudder. The streamer’s “Summer of Chills” will first kick off with the Shudder Original movie Caveat premiering on June 3. This news comes to us courtesy of Shudder.

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Laz Alonso on Wrath of Man, Guy Ritchie, and The Boys Season 3

The Mother’s Milk actor says the third season of ‘The Boys’ is literally three times bloodier than Season 2.

With Guy Ritchie’s Wrath of Man opening in theaters this weekend, I recently spoke to Laz Alonso about making the action-thriller. Based on the 2004 French action-thriller Le Convoyeur, Wrath of Man follows a security guard named H (Jason Statham) who has an ulterior motive when he takes a job working for an armored truck company responsible for moving hundreds of millions of dollars around Los Angeles each week. Unlike the previous Ritchie and Statham films which had funny moments and quirky characters, Wrath of Man has a more serious tone that will keep you guessing all the way through. The film was written by Ritchie, Ivan Atkinson, and Marn Davies and also stars Josh Hartnett, Scott Eastwood, Holt McCallany, Jeffrey Donovan, Raul Castillo, Niamh Algar, and Post Malone.

During the interview, Alonso talked about how Wrath of Man breaks with the typical narrative structure, the fantastic supporting cast, why Ritchie is such a unique filmmaker with the way he works on set, and more. In addition, we talked about The Boys Season 3 and how they’re using a lot more blood than the previous seasons. He also teased how Solider Boy (played by Jensen Ackles) has allowed creator/showrunner Eric Kripke “to not only bring in a character historically who’s pretty dark, but it also makes all of the other ensemble Supes darker as well.”

jason statham wrath of man

Image via Netflix

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Check out what he had to say in the player above and below is exactly what we talked about and the official synopsis.

Laz Alonso:

  • What TV series would he like to guest star on?
  • What movie or movies has he seen the most?
  • When did he feel like he made it as an actor and could pay rent doing the job?
  • What does he wish someone had told him earlier in his career?
  • What was his reaction to the Wrath of Man script?
  • Why he didn’t participate in Ritchie’s black box rehearsal before filming began.
  • Talks about the great supporting cast.
  • What was his reaction to the finished film?
  • Where are they in the filming process for The Boys Season 3?
  • How much blood is being used this season?
  • How has COVID changed the way they work on set?
  • How much does Eric Kripke tell him about the arc of the season and his character’s journey or does he find out script by script?

Here’s the official synopsis for Wrath of Man:

A mysterious and wild-eyed new cash truck security guard (Jason Statham) surprises his coworkers during a heist in which he unexpectedly unleashes precision skills. The crew is left wondering who he is and where he came from. Soon, the marksman’s ultimate motive becomes clear as he takes dramatic and irrevocable steps to settle a score.


Image via Amazon

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Here’s What’s Leaving Netflix in May 2021

ATTN: ‘Sherlock’ fans! Now’s your last chance to sneak in one more binge-watch on Netflix.

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After nearly seven months, cinemas in India reopened today in the shadow of the coronavirus pandemic. … Mumbai: A staff of the Inox Cinemas demonstrates …


Lily James and Sebastian Stan Transform Into Hulu’s Pam & Tommy

Sebastian Stan Pam & Tommy

(Photo Credit: Hulu)

The first official look at Lily James and Sebastian Stan as Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee has arrived, and the two pull off an incredible transformation into the 90s stars. 

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In a new tweet sent out by the Hulu television series, James and Stan can be seen recreating an iconic photo of Anderson and Lee, who the duo will be portraying in the upcoming limited series Pam & Tommy. The comedic series takes on the true story behind one of the most famous relationships in Hollywood. The series currently has no release date but is expected to air sometime this year. 

Check out the first look Pam & Tommy photos in the slideshow below:

Pam & Tommy follows the tumultuous relationship between the Motley Crüe drummer/co-founder and former Baywatch star/model, including the notorious incident in which their honeymoon sex tape was stolen and subsequently leaked to the public. Though it will be included, the story will not focus on the scandal but rather explore their relationship going back to their marriage after only 96 hours of knowing each other.

The 8-episode miniseries will be led by Sebastian Stan (The Falcon and the Winter Soldier) as Tommy Lee and Lily James (Baby Driver) as Pamela Anderson. Joining them are Seth Rogen (This is the End) as the man who stole the couple’s sex tape and sold it off, and Nick Offerman (Parks and Recreation) as porn impresario Uncle Miltie.

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Pam & Tommy will be directed by Craig Gillespie, who previously worked with Stan in the acclaimed 2017 film I, Tonya, from a screenplay written by Rob Siegel. Producers are Rogen and Evan Goldberg through their  Point Grey banner, Dave Franco, Sue Naegle, Limelight’s Dylan Sellers, and Annapurna’s Megan Ellison.

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Julia Stiles’ Bourne Character Was Meant to Die in Film 1; Here’s How She Survived

Find out how a one-and-done situation turned into a four-film franchise run for Stiles!

Julia Stiles was busy churning out films non-stop between 10 Things I Hate About You and O, but when The Bourne Identity rolled around, it marked her very first franchise opportunity. The thing is though, even though Bourne did go on to become a five-film series, it was pretty close to being a one-and-done thing for Stiles because her character, Nicky Parsons, was actually meant to die in the 2002 film.

While promoting the Season 2 debut of Riviera on Ovation TV, Stiles took the time to join us for an episode of Collider Ladies Night and discussed how an 11th hour story change meant she’d get to continue on with the Bourne series. In The Bourne Identity, Nicky is a Treadstone Paris warehouse employee and field operative who’s posing as a student.

Matt Damon in The Bourne Identity

Image via Universal

At the end of the film, Nicky has an encounter with Jason Bourne (Matt Damon). The original plan was for Bourne to kill Nikki. They even filmed it that way. However, that changed after principal photography. Here’s how Stiles put it:

“Yeah, it was a complete surprise to me. I filmed a scene where Jason Bourne flips Nicky upside-down against a wall and I break my neck and so, as far as I knew, that was it for Nicky Parsons!”

As Stiles explained, while doing ADR for the movie “They needed to have sounds of me breathing so that we knew that she was still alive.” Turns out though, there was no flipping in the final cut of the film anyway. During his confrontation with Chris Cooper’s Conklin, Bourne simply makes eye contact with Nicky and leaves her be.

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Matt Damon and Julia Stiles in Jason Bourne

Image via Universal

Even though that change meant there could be more Bourne for Stiles, at the time, there was no certainty that first film would spawn of franchise. Here’s how Stiles described the situation:

“I think they were hoping that it would, but there’s no guarantee and at the time, Matt Damon was a very respected actor and well known, but he wasn’t necessarily by the studio system considered an action star and it was, for its time, visually very groundbreaking with the handheld cameras. It didn’t look like your typical action movie. There was no guarantee that there was gonna be four movies after that.”

Rather than sign on the dotted line of a multi-film contract, the Bourne movies were film to film commitments. Stiles explained, “I think each film we would have terms of, if they do make a sequel, but it’s always up to the studio to decide.”

Julia Stiles in Jason Bourne

Image via Universal

If you’re eager to hear more from Stiles, be sure to check out her full episode of Collider Ladies Night tomorrow! She revisits auditioning for 10 Things I Hate About You, hosting Saturday Night Live, names her personal favorite teen romantic comedies of the 90s and so much more.

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Here’s What’s New to Netflix in May 2021

Incoming: Zack Snyder’s return to horror, the latest chapter in the ‘Jurassic’ franchise, and the long-awaited Part 2 of ‘Lucifer’ Season 5.

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Mark Wahlberg’s Infinite Goes Straight-To-Streaming on Paramount+ This June

Another major release will skip theaters and go straight to streaming instead, this time its Mark Wahlberg and The Equalizer director Antoine Fuqua’s sci-fi action flick, Infinite, which will now premiere on Paramount+ in June 2021. Due to the ongoing global situation, big studio releases moving away from the traditional theatrical release and opting instead for a streaming one has become a familiar site over the past year.

Based on the book The Reincarnationist Papers, Infinite follows Mark Wahlberg as Evan McCauley, “a guy who is haunted daily by skills he has never learned and the memories of places he’s never visited.” Self-medicated and on the brink of a mental breakdown, he is rescued by a secret group whose members call themselves “Infinites.”

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They reveal to him that his memories are real – but they are from multiple past lives. The Infinites bring Evan McCauley into their extraordinary world, where a gifted few are given the ability to be reborn with their memories and knowledge accumulated over centuries. With critical secrets buried in his past, Evan must work with the Infinites to unlock the answers in his memories in a race against time to save humanity from one of their own (Chiwetel Ejiofor) who seeks to destroy it.

Ian Shorr has adapted the screenplay, with Todd Stein writing the screen story from D. Eric Maikranz 2009 novel, with Infinite set to star an all-star including Chiwetel Ejiofor as Ted, Sophie Cookson as Tammy, Dylan O’Brien as Heinrich Treadway, Rupert Friend as Bathurst, Jason Mantzoukas as Peabody, Jóhannes Haukur Jóhannesson as Kovic, Tom Hughes as Abel, Wallis Day as Shin, Toby Jones as Kent, Liz Carr as Garrick, Kae Alexander as Trace alongside Mark Wahlberg in the lead.

Infinite had originally been set for a theatrical release back in August 2020, but the movie was one of many that faced delays, being pushed back to May 2021. It suffered more delays shortly after this date change, moving to September 2021 after horror sequel A Quiet Place Part II was moved to the May 2021 slot. Evidently, the studio grew tired of all the reshuffling to keep up with other releases, moving Infinite to a streaming release instead, no doubt as part of their push towards Paramount+ projects. So, once again, Infinite will now be released on Paramount+ in June 2021.

Skipping over theaters in favor of streaming is likely to become more commonplace for Paramount, with Infinite following in the footsteps of The SpongeBobSquarepants Movie: Sponge on the Run, which was recently moved to an exclusive streaming debut as part of the studio’s attempts to bolster the Paramount+ library.

Infinite’s change in release plan was confirmed by ViacomCBS CEO Bob Bakish, who also teased a “Mountain of Movies” coming to Paramount+. The streamer’s library will reportedly add an additional 1,000 movies, including such beloved cinematic ventures as The Avengers, Skyfall, Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol,Rocketman, Sonic the Hedgehog and many more. Paramount+ will also start moving towards original material in the vein of Netflix, with such movies as a new Paranormal Activity and The In Between due to debut before the end of the year. This comes to us from Deadline.

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Resident Evil Village Vampire Lady Motion Capture Video Reveals Actress Maggie Robertson

Earlier today, actor Maggie Robertson – currently in the spotlight for her role as Lady Alcina Dimitrescu of Resident Evil: Village – tweeted out a thrilling behind-the-scenes clip of what went into making some of the most iconic cut scenes from the newest Resident Evil game. Along with the link to the nearly four-minute YouTube video, Robertson teased fans with the following message: “For those of you wondering how the sausage is made…”

Are you curious to know what went into the tense kidnapping scene where Ethan and Mia’s infant daughter is ripped from their arms? What about the voracious vampire daughters dragging Ethan through the halls of their mother’s mansion by the ankle? Fans who click the play button will get to see exactly what happened with the mo-cap actors in this YouTube clip. Fans also get to see Robertson herself mo-capping Lady Dimitrescu yeeting her heavy vanity across the room after an infuriating phone call. The clip also includes a dramatic, tantalizing pre-visualization of the moment Lady Dimitrescu sinks her teeth into the action – literally.

Image via Capcom

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Resident Evil: Village is the newest installment in the Resident Evil video game franchise. It picks up where Resident Evil: Biohazard left off, following protagonists Ethan (Todd Soley) and Mia (Katie O’Hagan) after successfully escaping the Baker estate. They start out at the beginning of the game naively believing they’re going to live happily ever after – and then disaster strikes.

The game debuted on May 7. It has received plenty of critical praise so far with an 84% rating from Metacritic, a 4/5 from TechRadar, and an 8/10 from IGN. You can purchase the game right now for PS5, PS4, Xbox series X, Xbox One, Steam, or Stadium, and check our own video games editor, Dave Trumbore’s review before picking up your copy of the game.

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Here’s What’s Leaving Netflix in May 2021

ATTN: ‘Sherlock’ fans! Now’s your last chance to sneak in one more binge-watch on Netflix.

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Decoded: MENA’s Nuclear Options

Nuclear energy is set to light the Middle East and North Africa’s roads and cities. We look into the growing use of these power sources, and ask if it’s time to stop …


Marvel’s M.O.D.O.K. Isn’t Part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Fans may have been holding out hope that Marvel’s M.O.D.O.K., the upcoming animated series on Hulu, would be connected to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Unfortunately, the showrunner for M.O.D.O.K. has ended any debate. 

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Speaking to ComicBook.com in a new interview, Jordan Blum was asked about the show’s continuity and explained that it took place in its own universe within the Marvel Multiverse.

“Yeah, we’re our own universe,” Blum said. “I think like, you know, Harley Quinn is a good example of like, that’s not the movies, but it’s really cool actually. Marvel has like a database of all the universes in the multiverse, and there’s a guy who runs it, and they let me pick the numbering of our universe. My son’s birthday, 12/26, is our universe, so we were in the Marvel Multiverse, which is awesome.”

While fans may be sad to hear the news, it’s nice that Blum was able to pick his own universe to reside in and even nicer that he was able to dedicate the show to his son in a way. As for the iconic Marvel villain, those hoping to see him cross paths with the likes of the MCU will have to wait for future films and continue hoping. 

In Marvel’s M.O.D.O.K., the megalomaniacal supervillain M.O.D.O.K. has long pursued his dream of one day conquering the world. But after years of setbacks and failures fighting the Earth’s mightiest heroes, M.O.D.O.K. has run his evil organization A.I.M. into the ground. Ousted as A.I.M.’s leader while also dealing with his crumbling marriage and family life, the Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing is set to confront his greatest challenge yet!

The stop-motion animated series will feature a star-studded voice cast will be led by Patton Oswalt (Ratatouille) as George Tarleton/MODOK, Aimee Garcia (Lucifer) as Jodie Tarleton, Ben Schwartz (Sonic the Hedgehog) as Lou Tarleton, Melissa Fumero (Brooklyn Nine-Nine) as Melissa Tarleton, Wendi McLendon-Covey as Monica, Back Bennett as Austin Van Der Sleet, Jon Daly as Super-Adaptoid, and Sam Richardson as Gary.

RELATED: Marvel’s M.O.D.O.K. Reveals Guest Stars, New Clip at WonderCon

Marvel’s M.O.D.O.K. is created and executive produced by Jordan Blum and Oswalt, based on the character created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. It is executive produced by Brett Crawley, Robert Maitia, Grant Gish, Joe Quesada, and Jeph Loeb.

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